We successfully supply the mining, oil & gas and engineering industries as well as the civil infrastructure.



The company is a young vibrant entity established in 2011 and our aim is to provide specialist Export/Import consultancy and procurement services with the emphasis on offering a more personalized service tailored to each individual customer’s needs. It is a testament to our high standard of service that in our relatively short life we have already been able to establish a household name in the supply chain industry.

Samuel Kojo AntwI



Construction & Logistics

Logistics can be key to your successful construction project delivery. Cargo that needs to move from one site to another, whether it’s locally or globally, is often oversized and out-of-gauge. Transportation of construction equipment, machinery, and other materials, therefore, ends up being costly and complicated, and can easily put an unwelcome dent in your project budget for both time and money. Local and international transportation authorities can add further complications and delays due to the permits and fees associated with the transport of construction materials.


The mining industry faces logistics challenges such as moving copper, silver, iron or other mined products from remote mining sites. They also face the challenge of requiring transport for heavy mining equipment to and from remote sites which adds expense and complications that some other industries don’t have to deal with. Transportation within the mining industry commonly involves managing shipping by rail, which can be costly and difficult without a relationship with rail companies. It’s also necessary to properly track rail cars with the product to ensure they aren’t sitting for long periods of time and to find the best cargo insurance to minimize the expensive risk of theft.



Oil and Gas

The gas and oil industry relies on shipping companies and third-party logistics providers to move complicated freight shipments around the world. Gas logistics usually involves shipments to remote parts of the globe, which can involve shipping heavy gas equipment and following strict safety guidelines. It also involves complying with strict regulations in Ghana and overseas. With the volatile price of oil and gas, it’s more essential than ever to find a cost-effective logistics and shipping solutions partner that knows how to move your equipment and supplies as efficiently and economically as possible.