On-site Support

Going Further           

At Smart procurement and logistics, we don’t stop at just offering procurement management services to our clients. One way in which we seek to enhance the experience of partnering with us is by offering on-site support. From expert guidance on the entire supply chain process to sending an experienced team to complete installations for projects. We are able to assist for any scenario that may arise that requires it.

Remote Support

Given that many organisations within the industries we service are based in remote locations and control highly complex operations, any problems that they are having along with its importance is not always so easy to communicate to external personnel. Providing on-site support is a key factor in bridging this breakdown in communication and allows us to obtain a better understanding of the individual requirements of our clients. It also helps to improve these relationships, so we can proactively work together to ensure that the daily operations on-site are maintained to the best standards possible.

How Can You Benefit?

 Applying industry expertise on a local level.

 Improves the ability to respond and resolve on-site issues immediately, giving more of a personal feel to the service

 Helps to reduce the time and effort end users spend dealing with queries and sourcing


 Analysis can be produced on the existing processes in place to identify areas where improvements can be made

 Can act as a single point of contact for both Storm and end users, allowing for easier communication throughout the supply chain

 Storm can attend project and end user meetings to fully grasp what is required for specific tasks

The responsibility of updating internal systems can be assumed by on-site staff to ensure that real-time updates are available.

On-site personnel can provide KPI report for review and to ensure a high level of performance is maintained